How to Get Your Skin Summer-Ready Now

January 19, 2024

Skin care

We all look forward to the first signs of summer, with plentiful sunshine and that soothing warmth on our skin. But we can have a moment of panic when we realize our skin may not be summer-ready. The thought of wearing tank tops, sundresses, and shorts that are currently hiding in the back of our closet makes us wish we would have done something a little earlier.

So, what exactly can we do to start prepping our skin for summer? What winter skincare treatments combat the dry, cold air that affects our skin? Here is how you can prep your skin for the Summer season:


Moisturizing your skin daily is critical for hydrating, preventing premature aging, reducing acne, and soothing skin sensitivities.  Moisturizers nourish the skin to keep it soft, smooth, and healthy.  It can provide a protective barrier against environmental factors that damage the skin.

It is important to apply moisturizer after a bath or shower and avoid long hot showers as it can strip the skin of its natural oils. 


Avaya Aesthetics | How to Get Your Skin Summer-Ready Now

Exfoliation is a necessary step in removing dead skin cells from the skin’s surface to keep it looking fresh, glowing, and vibrant. Whether you opt for physical exfoliants such as scrubs with granules, or chemical exfoliants that contain acids, make sure you are using something that isn’t too harsh on your skin, and be consistent with how often you are exfoliating. Remember: exfoliation allows moisturizers to penetrate the skin more effectively.

Firm it up

Unfortunately, we cannot magically erase cellulite or skin laxity, but there are things we can do consistently to make the problem areas look smoother and firmer. Several products improve texture and boost skin elasticity. Try a body-firming lotion that contains antioxidants and peptides.

You can also use medical-grade retinol to increase cellular turnover to resurface the appearance of the area (such as thighs, arms, etc.). But keep in mind that retinol works best on the face since it contains more sebaceous glands.  When treating the body with retinol, they may need to be used more sparingly to prevent dry or flaky skin.

Remove unwanted hair

Avaya Aesthetics | How to Get Your Skin Summer-Ready Now

Tired of shaving and waxing? Many people will start laser hair removal before summer to decrease unwanted hair for the warmer months. During laser hair removal treatment, a laser device pulses over the area to halt hair production. Most people will need 6-8 treatments spaced about 4 weeks apart, which is why you will want to start sessions well before spring.

Protecting your Skin during Summer and Every Season

Applying sunscreen is essential at any time of the year.  The UV rays of the sun are present on cloudy days and even when driving in a vehicle.  These UV rays can increase skin aging and the risk of skin cancer.  Use an SPF of at least 30 in your sunscreen. 

Both chemical and physical sunscreen will protect your skin, however, physical sunscreen protects your skin from a broader spectrum of UV light. Sunscreen in your makeup is often not enough coverage and it is best to apply sunscreen under the makeup.  Sunscreen is the best defense against sun damage, skin aging, and pigmentation.

Taking these necessary steps and being consistent with each one will not only help you form good skincare habits, but it will transform your skin in such a way that you will be ready for any season!

Avaya Aesthetics has a variety of skincare services to choose from, such as laser hair removal, BBL & Moxi lasers, and more, as well as medical-grade skincare. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin! We offer FREE aesthetic consultations with Dr. Allison, who will create a customized plan just for you. Contact us to get started today!

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